The Way You Like Your Homemade Cookies Tells Me Everything I Need To Know About You

You think you know a person. You spend weeks, months, even years with someone and feel like you have a deep, soul-tying connection. You know each other’s dreams and aspirations. You feel as though you know them better than you know yourself…

And then you see them make homemade cookies and everything you thought you knew flies straight out the window.

There are so many telling variables when it comes to homemade cookies. Of course there are different ingredients and types, but there are also variables that are way more telling than you probably realize. Let’s look at the different ways you can make homemade cookies and what they say about you as a person. Also we’ll compare them to Die Hard movies, just to make it a little easier to rank them.

The Way You Like Your Homemade Cookies Says Everything:

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