Last Call: Man’s Ashes Mixed in Pint of Beer, Poured Down Pub Drain to Fulfill His Dying Wish

Most people, when they get to a certain age, make their dying wishes known. This might include burial plans, funeral playlists, or the way they want their life celebrated after they’ve kicked the bucket. One British man, however, had an unusual mandate for his remains. The 66-year-old named Kevin McGlinchey wanted his ashes mixed in a glass of beer and poured down the drain outside his favorite pub.

“Our dad had told us for years and years his wishes would be to go down a pub drain. He used to drop things down there, weird things … like his hair,” 35-year-old Cassidy McGlinchey told The Sun of her father’s last request.

So Cassidy and her 46-year-old brother, Owen McGlinchey, honored their father’s final wishes by dumping his remains into a beer and then pouring it down the drain outside of a bar named Hollybush in Coventry, England.

“He loved the Hollybush and would take a walk up there every day. He said, ‘When I die if you put me down the drain I will be able to travel to all my locals through the drains underground,’” Cassidy recalled. “’Every time you walk over a drain you will think of me and there are plenty around so no matter where you are in the world you will still think it.’”

“As mad as it sounds, this was his last wish he ever wanted — was to go down this drain, so he is here forever,” Owen said.

The siblings captured the momentous occasion on video as onlookers cheered. What a way to go: drunk and in the gutter.

“It was an amazing feeling giving my dad exactly what he had wished for when he died, and I would do it all over again,” Cassidy added. “We have been through so much as a family over the years and suffered so much heartache, it’s nice to have a smile knowing my dad is still causing a stir even from his drain.”

Ashes to ashes, pub to pub? Rest in boozy peace, Kevin.

Cover Photo: Caster News Agency

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