Missing Man Crashes Press Conference About His Disappearance, Understandably Upset About the Low Attendance

Photo: Ashley Cooper (Getty Images)

There are few things worse than realizing that a beloved family member is missing. This is exactly what happened in England recently when 80-year-old Harry Harvey set out for a hike, only to end up caught in the middle of high winds, a hailstorm, and all-around terrible conditions. The octogenarian didn’t venture out alone though. He was walking with someone else, but the intense weather caused him to become separated and lost. His companion returned home, but there was so sign of Harvey. That’s when his family reported him missing.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, when his family reported him missing, there was fear that the poor weather conditions might have been too much for the elderly hiker to handle. What followed was a search that ended prematurely when the haggard hiker actually strolled into the press conference announcing his disappearance.

Local police, Royal Air Force, and mountain rescue crews scoured the wooded area the hiker was last seen in for four whole days before giving up when a wildlife photographer saw Harvey. The hiker then walked into The Tan Hill Inn, a pub in the middle of the park, where a press conference was taking place. His family was pleading for the community’s help in finding their patriarch when he casually sauntered in.

He explained that after getting caught in the storm, he decided to hunker down and camp while he waited it out. He ended up camping for three days using the simple equipment he had brought on the hike. He was injury-free, but very hungry. Let’s hope he finished the day with a hearty meal and a pint of beer. He definitely earned it.

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