England Pub Installs Electric Fence to Keep Patrons Away From Bartenders, We Find This Shocking

Photo: The Star Inn

Business are trying their best to get customers to comply to social distancing rules. Sadly, since some people just don’t really care, it’s not always easy to enforce the rules. When English pubs reopened on July 4, they did so with specific rules on social distancing. Customers also had to sign a register showing they spent time at the pub, bar, or restaurant in an effort to trace the spread of COVID if they came down with it later. Jonny McFadden, who runs the Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall, England, was ready to comply with all of these rules. The problem was that he wasn’t so sure his clientele would adhere to the strict protocols. That’s when he came up with an ingenious, borderline crazy idea. He’d install an electric fence surrounding the bar.

“It’s a very small pub, the first and last rural pub in Cornwall,” he told CNN. “To protect staff and myself and my customers you have to put in the meter [distancing] rule.”

To do this, he literally installed an electric fence 3 feet in front of the bar in an effort to keep him and his staff safe from the virus. While this may seem shocking to some people, McFadden thought up the idea as he and the staff were preparing to reopen. He thought his customers might need a little more (cattle) prodding to keep them away from the bar.

Originally, he thought of putting up a rope or chain, but didn’t really believe that would deter anyone. He thought people would just lift it up and walk under it.

There are no stories of anyone getting electrocuted yet and there’s a pretty good reason for that. While putting up an electric fence is a good deterrent, it’s actually not usually on. The sight alone is enough to stop anyone from stepping up and grabbing hold of it.  At least, that’s what McFadden hopes.

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