California Woman Walks Her Elderly Friend on Six-Foot Leash, Little Confused About Social Distancing (Or Just an Awful Friend)

Social distancing has taken on a new leaf. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the term didn’t exist, but people sure are finding a way to make this six-feet apart lifestyle their own. While many are completely ignoring the science behind face masks, this particular pair of women is going to extreme lengths, much more than the standard six feet, to maintain their health. That, or this woman thinks her mother is a dog. You be the judge.

As weird as it is, this actually makes sense. There’s a reason why there are images of a European café handing out social distancing hats adorned with pool noodles (although we hope they’re disinfecting them after each use). If you actually have a unit of measurement, you won’t mistakenly wander inside the 6-foot radius. Kind of like how Florida says to stay an alligator apart. It shows metric and stupidity all at once, such a classic Florida move.

The video, taken in California, shows two women walking with the aforementioned leash between them. But if you really look closely it kind of looks like the younger woman is taking her elderly friend out for a walk on the end of a leash. Either way, we applaud their ingenuity regardless of how strange and off-putting it may be.

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