Darth Vader Patrolling One City to Encourage Social Distancing, But Is the Force Strong Enough?

It’s been almost two months since quarantine in the U.S. began. When we do venture out into the world, we wear masks and adhere to basic social distancing rules because we don’t want to get sick and we don’t want anyone else to get sick. But some people aren’t as willing to comply with social distancing. That’s why in recent weeks we’ve seen news stories about the grim reaper patrolling Florida beaches, random superheroes in Indonesia, and a Black Mirror-esque robot dog in Singapore. Those all pale in comparison to the shadowy figures patrolling the Philippines.

In an effort to scare off even the bravest Jedi unwilling to follow social distancing guidelines, local officials in Manila are dressing up at characters from Star Wars. But, they’re not dressed as a friendly Chewbacca or his buddy Han Solo, they’re dressing like the dark Sith Lord himself: Darth Vader.

On top of portraying the man once known as Anakin Skywalker, they’re also dressing as Stormtroopers as they patrol the villages around the capital telling people to remain indoors during the country’s strict quarantine. In addition to bringing a little levity to the dire situation, the officials are also bringing care packages to those in need. It just goes to show you that even Darth Vader himself has redeeming qualities.

Photo: Reuters

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