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Over Half of Single Americans Optimistic That They’ll Find ‘the One’ This Year; The Rest Would Settle For a Warm Body With a Pulse

The coronavirus pandemic and its requisite quarantine have been rough on everyone. But they’ve been toughest, perhaps, on single people. With close social contact off-limits, dating has been reduced to text messages and Zoom calls. Now that vaccine distribution is underway, we don’t blame anyone for feeling optimistic about 2021 and what it might bring, especially for our anemic social lives. But some of us have rosier-colored glasses than others.

How do we know? A survey, of course. On behalf of dating site Plenty of Fish, OnePoll researchers asked 2,000 Americans for their honest assessments of their dating lives and prospects. More than half said they felt optimistic about finding “The One” this year – pandemic be damned. Their expectations are surprisingly high, too. A whopping 58 percent said that romantic gestures are more paramount now than they were pre-pandemic. And yet, 7 out of 10 respondents said they felt less romantic pressure than in years past. (We guess they all want to be wooed rather than do the wooing?)

What’s more, 55 percent of people said that they would consider rejecting a partner who had no intention of getting a Covid vaccine. (No one is worth getting sick for, apparently.) And a full 52 percent of respondents said they would still rather date virtually than in-person. (Maybe these people are single because they’re simultaneously too demanding and flaky?)

The findings get even weirder, especially when you delve into the respondents’ pasts. Forty-three percent reported a breakup just before or during the pandemic and 45 percent of those whose relationships ended said the split was due to disagreements on wearing masks, social distancing, or other preventative health measures. Yet over half (55 percent) of respondents said they’d consider getting back together with an ex (‘cause that always works out well…) when “life returns to normal” (whatever that is).

After a year of loneliness, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. As for us, we’re not waiting for “The One.” We’ll just take anyone, as they have a warm body and a pulse.

Cover Photo: Carol Yepes (Getty Images)

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