Angry Man Wraps Neighbor’s Car in Plastic Wrap After Having His Parking Spot Stolen, Oldest Prank in the Book Still Works

Photo: Triangle News

Anyone who lives in a city knows the headache involved in finding a great parking spot. If you don’t have off-street parking where you live, you might spend a lot of your time finding a spot reasonably close to your home. Sometimes, you’ll go to great lengths just to park your car. You’ll leave it in front of a fire hydrant in hopes that nobody will notice, you’ll park in a “no parking” area, or you’ll leave your car right in front of a driveway. The latter is exactly what happened recently in Kent, England recently.

Tobe Bailey, a 49-year-old bricklayer, spent £2,000 adding a dropped curb a year ago in front of his house. He added a sign telling people not to park there as it was designated for him and his wife. Plus, if a car parks in the spot, it blocks his driveway. But he lives on a street with 26 homes and only 24 parking spots, so people continued to park in front of his house every week.

He finally reached his limit when a blue Vauxhall Corsa parked in the spot and blocked his driveway. He didn’t know who owned the car so he put a note on the windshield and sat on his porch, drinking a beer. He waited and nobody came out. A day and half later, the car was still there, and he didn’t know what to do.

So, instead of stewing, having it towed, or attacking it with a golf club, he decided to make a statement by wrapping the car in plastic. He covered the car in so much black plastic wrap that it almost resembled a crudely wrapped Christmas gift.

After he finished packaging the car, the owner finally showed up. Apparently, it was a young woman who had just moved in a few houses down. Instead of getting angry at finding her car covered in plastic, she apologized and even told him that his revenge was actually funny. For Bailey’s sanity, we hope the rest of the neighbors saw the prank and won’t be parking in front of his house anymore.

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