Gum-Loving Man Given the OK to Be Buried in Juicy Fruit-Themed Casket, Hoping For That Long-Lasting Flavor

Even though it’s morbid, many people envision their own funeral. This includes what their friends and family would say about them in a eulogy, whether or not they’d be cremated, and if their ashes would be poured into a large body of water or buried under a tree or something. This vision of the future where you’ve gone to the proverbial “spirit in the sky” or wherever else you think you go after you die usually doesn’t include what our casket might look like. Who really cares what box our lifeless body resides in, right? We won’t even be around to see it. Well, 94-year-old Suttie Economy cares and he has very specific instructions on what he wants his casket to look like.

Economy doesn’t want a fancy, glossy casket made of rich cherry wood that’s lined with soft silk. The lifelong fan of chewing gum wants to enter the afterlife riding in a casket made to resemble a human-sized pack of Juicy Fruit.

Recently, with only a few years before hits the century mark, Economy finally started thinking about his inevitable death. That’s why he asked permission from the Mars Wrigley Company to have a casket made to look like the iconic chewing gum. Once he got the OK from the brand, he tasked Sammy Oakey, president of Oakey’s Funeral Service, with making his dream a reality.

Economy has been enjoying the juicy, sweet flavor of the aforementioned gum since he was deployed in World War II and it was readily available for servicemen.

Originally, Mars Wrigley said no to Economy, likely not wanting its well-known brand to be associated with death. But, after the funeral home took to Facebook to write about its attempts to make Economy’s dream come true, the brand not only agreed to let him use its likeness, they also sent him 250 packages of his favorite gum. So, while he waits for his casket to be made, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll never run out of his favorite gum.

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