Dude Wakes Up During His Own Open-Casket Funeral

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Well that’s quite the story to tell at Thanksgiving this year.

If you’re going to bury me six-feet under or burn me into pile of ash, please make sure that I am nice and dead so what happened to the guy in this story doesn’t happen to me. Here’s what I mean.

A 24-year-old Peruvian man named Watson Doroteo from Tingo Maria died following a root canal operation. But it seems he wasn’t completely dead because during his open-casket funeral, the family realized that his chest was rising and falling. Obviously freaked the hell out, the family called doctors.

Dude Wakes Up During His Own Open-Casket Funeral

Doctors confirmed that Doreteo was showing vital signs. But guess what? This bit of good news was short-lived, because wjen the man was transferred from his coffin to the hospital, he was declared dead. Again. This guy has all the bad luck.

The family now believes that Doreteo may have been dead the entire time and simply sedated by drugs from the operation, with one relative claiming: “They gave him diazepam.”

The case is being investigated, but I think Rick and his gang should get on it.

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