Inmate Wakes Up In Mortuary After 3 Doctors Declare Him Dead

Photo: Fuse (Getty)

Hopefully they all had a good laugh about it.

Let’s all talk about Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez. Jiménez is an inmate in Spain who was recently found unresponsive in his prison cell at the penitentiary centre in Asturias. He was so damn unresponsive that he was labeled as medically dead…by three separate doctors.

Jiménez was placed in a bag and taken to Legal Medicine Institute of Oviedo for an autopsy to determine how he died. But not so fast, because just when the doctors were about to begin an autopsy they heard noise coming from the 29-year-old man’s bag. Yep, he was still alive.

According to some of Jiménez relatives, he “had autopsy markings on him, ready to be opened up,” before he suddenly woke up. So what the hell happened? Well apparently Jiménez suffered catalepsy, which is a trance or seizure, where you completely lose all sensation and consciousness.

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Other symptoms include an incredibly rigid body and limbs and a slowing down of bodily functions like breathing and heart rate. That’s why medical professionals declared him dead because his pulse was so faint that they couldn’t detect it.

The prisoner was taken to Central University Hospital of Asturias in Oviedo for some tests to ensure his health is up to scratch. The Daily Mail reports that Montoya was feeling ill the day before the incident and his wife claims he suffers from epilepsy.

Then again, Jiménez has been in prison for 29 years, so perhaps he’s a little bummed out he woke up.

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