Man Heads To Court Again To Prove He’s Alive After His Wife Says He’s Dead

Photo: altrendo images (Getty Images)

In 2013, a death certificate was issued for Constantin Reliu in Romania. The problem with that? You guessed it – Reliu still has a pulse.

According to Fox News, Reliu has actually tried before to convince Romanian officials that he is still alive, but his appeal to overturn his death certificate in March fell upon deaf ears because he started the appeal process too late. But the fact of the matter is that Reliu didn’t even know that his wife said he was dead because he was busy working in Turkey for the last 20 years.

That’s right, kids. A married man left to go work in another country for 20 years without ever returning, not even for a quickie. At the 15-year mark, his wife Ioana Constantin finally said, “Fuck it, he must be dead,” and she filed his death certificate. She had a good reason to do so, as all of his assets in Romania were then handed over to her.

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Well, Reliu is back in town, and he wants all of his shit back. After the local news picked up his story, a lawyer offered to handle his new lawsuit for him for free, and that’s at least some welcome news for Reliu because he has no money.

It’s currently unknown why Reliu decided to get married.