This Funeral Home Turns Bodies Into Compost, Homegrown Kale Anyone?

If you’re anything like us, you probably haven’t planned what you’re going to do on your funeral day. While death is equally as much a part of life as falling in love and farting (listed in no particular order) most of us haven’t given much thought to what we’re going to do when we bite the big dust. After all, thinking about our own demise kind of kills the vibe when we’re really just trying to eat as much ice cream as we can without getting too portly. Or to put it another way, we just want to enjoy whatever buzz we can grab without having to worry about the drive home at the end of the party.

Perhaps this is why funerals have lacked any imagination for the past two hundred years. Consider the only two options dead people ever get any more. Either we rot like bargain-basement tuna in an overpriced casket while worms try to sculpt us in their image or we’re scorched away to ash and smog in a glorified pizza oven.

All that ends today.

Recompose, a new funeral home on the outskirts of Seattle has officially opened its doors to the dead. Using cutting-edge technology, involving a stack of shimmering white hexagonal tubes, your remains can now be turned into Instagram-worthy compost in a matter of weeks, cutting down on carbon exhaust in the process. The eco-friendly approach to deathcare was developed by Katrina Spade, a graduate student in architecture, who spent a decade developing Recompose’s technique of natural organic reduction.

Though they can only handle ten bodies at a time (due to Covid restrictions), each funeral Recompose performs saves one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions, when compared with traditional services. And at the end of the service, you (well, not technically you because it is you) gets a pretty sweet bag of dirt.

Hey, so what if it’s only one cubic yard’s worth of soil? Did you honestly think your puny cadaver was going to plant a whole freaking garden? And let’s face it – until reanimation is more affordable, Recompose is the best we can do to live an eco-friendly existence from the time we’re born to the moment we become a delicious plate of homegrown, (semi)organic kale. Death has never been so delicious.

Cover Photo: Recompose

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