A feisty 87 year old senior woman is sitting on her front porch and flipping the bird. Someone better stop bothering Grandma!! :)

Grandma Known As ‘Kingpin Granny’ Busted In Major Drug Deal

Photo: Willowpix (Getty)

Do you know what my grandmother was doing a few days ago? She was calling me and keeping me on the phone for hours asking me the same questions over and over again, mainly questions of what I’m cooking, what the hell do I do for work and whether I will have kids or not. And that’s usually what a grandma does. But not Betty Jean Jordan. Do you want to know what Jordan was up to? Oh, you know, she was just dealing thousands of pills, including Morphine, Oxycodone and Xanax.

The Tennessee grandma, who is wheelchair-bound, was recently arrested in her home and is now facing narcotics distribution charges.

Jordan was finally arrested following a lengthy undercover investigation. The undercover operation included undercover agents buying pills from the old lady. Soon after, Jordan’s home was raided while she was watching Matlock. OK, so I don’t know if she was actually watching that but I think it’s a strong guess.

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Oh, but there’s more. Cops were also able to seize $12,000 in “cash and assets.” from this crazy granny. Man, her grandkids are going to be piss to hear this after only getting $5 every birthday.

Photo: Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

Jordan now has six felony narcotics counts to her name and a hell of a story if she ever escapes custody and heads to Florida.

h/t The Smoking Gun