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Cow Named Posh Spice Breaks World Record For Sexiest (And Most Expensive) Heifer

With a prize-winning cow like Gingerspice as her mom, breeders at Lodge Hill Farm in Shropshire, England knew little Poshspice was going to be something special. And on January 29, they were proven right. At only fourteen months of age, Poshspice became the most expensive bovine ever sold in Europe. Described by her owners as having that “X-factor” with the “making of a supermodel on four legs” it’s no wonder she fetched a record-setting $360,000 at auction.

The lucky man who took her home? One Mr. Craig Douglas of AW Jenkinson Farms in Scotland (who was over the moon).

“I am absolutely delighted to have her,” Douglas told CNN. “We liked the look of her from the catalog but at the auction, it was clear she was the standout heifer.”

But of course.

Hailing from the coveted Limousin breed, Poshspice will surely enjoy her new title as the maiden heifer of Scotland. Though life as a famous cow is not what it once was. Douglas plans on putting Poshspice into an IVF program, using her laboratory-fertilized eggs to implant other less attractive heifers. Meaning Poshspice, the sexiest cow in all the British Isles, won’t get to roll around in the hay like the cattle queens of yore.

Alas. It’s not easy at the top.

Cover Photo: Tim Flach (Getty Images)

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