Surprisingly High Percentage of Americans Have Never Seen a Cow in Person, Cows Say You’re No Prize Either

Everyone knows what a cow looks like. You know, those big-bodied, white, brown, or black farm animals that seem to just sit in one spot, starring blankly off into the distance while they chew their cud. You’ve seen them in movies like Tommy Boy where the titular Tommy (played by the late Chris Farley) and his step-brother (played by Rob Lowe) attempt to go “cow tipping.” You’ve seen them in pictures, cartoons, and on products. But, if you’re anything like a third of Americans, you’ve surprisingly never seen one in person.

Well, let’s be clearer, this was a poll of 3,500 random young Americans (between 11 and 24 years old) and it wasn’t just on their cow-viewing (or lack thereof) habits. It was a poll from RV travel site Parked in Paradise. The goal was to learn about the travel experiences of young people.

What they learned was that 42 percent say that they’ve never left the U.S. That’s a large number considering the fact that much of our population borders Canada and Mexico as well as the ease of modern world travel. What’s even sadder? A staggering 15 percent say they’ve never even left their home state. Not surprisingly, 88 percent wish they could travel more.

Now that we’re past the unnecessary statistics, let’s get to the beefy meat of this story. A ridiculous 33 percent of those polled have never seen a cow in person. This means one-third of Americans have never randomly found themselves on a country road and happened upon a field of cows? How is that possible? They’re everywhere. If the prospect of seeing a real-life cow isn’t enough motivation to get people to travel more, we don’t know what is.

Photo: Tony C French (Getty Images)

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