Meanwhile in Florida: Dump Truck Comes into Full Potential After Massive Cow-Shit Spill on Highway (Gross Photos)


In what we would consider being a pretty shitty day, a dump truck filled with cow manure crashed and spilled its stinky load all over a busy road. If you don’t know what cow manure is, you probably live in a city and don’t spend a ton of time in the country. In the simplest terms, manure is organic matter that’s used as fertilizer for farms. But this organic material is mostly made up of animal poop. In this instance, it was a truck filled with cow feces. So, spilling it all over a road is pretty gross.

The crash and ensuing poop spill was so bad that the Florida Highway Patrol need to close down a section of the interstate to traffic. It all happened last Tuesday at mile marker 198 in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 in the area of Rockledge in Brevard County.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the crash but the accident spilled cow manure all over the road. Don’t believe it was bad, just look at the photos. The highway patrol was forced to divert traffic to a detour until all of the poop was cleaned up.

This makes us think of two things. For one, if you’re ever driven by a farm with a fragrant manure scent you know that no amount of cleaning will remove the stink from that road. Drivers are going to smell it for months. Secondly, they’re really lucky it wasn’t liquid manure. Trust us.