Ohio Farmer Uses Manure To Spell Out ‘No Trump’ On His Land

Photo: Photos Lamontagne (Getty)

Not since it wrecked Biff Tannen’s car has manure been used so perfectly.

According to WHAM, a farmer in Strasburg, Ohio, used cow shit to write the words “No Trump” on his property last week, and it’s big enough that it can be read from an airplane.

Ohio farmer uses manure to spell out NO TRUMP
Jerry Slankard said he used manure from 15 cows to get his point across to his neighbors on the ground and in the sky. It was an effort that took him more than four hours to complete.

“They furnished the ink for my writin’ out there. I’ve raised almost every one of these cows,” Slankard said. “It’s just, [Trump] doesn’t have any political experience — not to mention, he’s a bully.”

Jerry’s wife Judy also weighed in on the matter, saying, “Nine out of 10 things that Trump said was a lie. I think it’s down to him and Hillary. I hope and pray for the sake of my grandkids that he doesn’t get it.”

Those are harsh words from Judy Slankard, just not as harsh as the stench that must be blowing through their neighbors’ yards these days.

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