Frustrated Farmer Sprays Manure All Over Border Patrol Car

liquid manure spreader. Photo: a369 (Getty).

Who knew manure could be liquefied?

In one of the shittiest stories you’ll hear today, a man frustrated with immigration officials took his out his anger — and a poop hose, apparently — on their transportation.

Frustrated Farmer Sprays Manure All Over Border Patrol Car

Mark Johnson makes his living in agriculture out in Vermont, and he believes his work has been adversely affected by illegal immigrants working on local farms. He was so pissed about the situation that he decided he should spray crap all over a border patrol car because, yeah, that’s gonna fix the situation, Farmer John.

Johnson faces charges of assault and disorderly conduct stemming from an August 3rd incident when he confronted a border patrol agent. In an attempt to express his feelings, Johnson, who specializes in manure spreading, unleashed the techniques of his trade all over the patrol car.

For some reason, he didn’t realize the patrolman was standing right behind him as he did it. Whoops!

For now, Farmer John can look back at this as an opportunity for self-reflection and figuring out a more constructive way to express his disappointment in government officials. Until he figures out a better way, he’ll be up to his neck in the fallout from spreading manure around where it shouldn’t go.

h/t Associated Press

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