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Breaking Weird News: Cow Emerges From Ocean, OK Seriously What the Hell Is This Year?

2020 has been a weird year. First there was coronavirus. Then squirrels caught the bubonic plague. There were killer kittens and a French bulldog that could do the splits. A naked man chased a wild boar that’d stolen his laptop.

Now comes a cow. Out of the ocean. In the middle of broad daylight for no apparent reason. This unexplained mystery was captured on video and posted on Instagram. How the cow got in the water in the first place is unknown. Nor do we know where it was running away to or where it ended up. It’s just the latest in a series of bizarre events that, for all we know, just might be hinting at the end of the world.


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What does this mean ??

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One thing we do know for sure: the comments on the video were gold:

“And thats how evolution began”

“Cow really wanted its freedom. Why are we not getting the story on that cow haha”

“He was trying to get some natural light for an instagram pic”

Speculate all you want about what the bovine was doing frolicking in the waves far away (we assume) from any sort of farm land. Even your wildest guess is probably not far off from the truth because, man, 2020 is so many kinds of crazy nothing surprises us anymore. Not even this.

Cover Photo: @fuckjerry (Instagram)

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