Killer Kittens Arrive at San Diego Zoo Because 2020, Folks

2020 just won’t quit. It’s not enough that there’s a global pandemic going on or that Kanye West thinks he’s qualified to be president or that snakes can now fly through the air. No, 2020 apparently needs killer kittens, too.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park recently welcomed black-footed cats Ryder and Skyler, the new boy and girl babies of resident felines Arwen and Sawyer. According to the Smithsonian, they’re “the world’s deadliest super cats” with a whopping 60 percent hunting success rate. (In contrast, lions have a 25 percent hunting success rate.) The black-footed cats can devour up to 14 rodents and birds a night. All this despite being pretty puny – only 2 to 3 pounds at full maturity.

A video of the new arrivals chowing down on meat from a zookeeper’s tongs went viral on YouTube earlier this month. And while they look cute enough to cuddle, don’t you dare try to domesticate them if you see them in the wild. If even a zookeeper feels the need to use tongs to feed the fur babies, you know they’re dangerous.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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