Bomb Squad Called to Investigate Suspicious Duffel Bag, Finds Kittens Inside

When the bomb squad gets called in, you don’t expect the story to end well. (You have seen The Hurt Locker, right?) But in the case of an Ohio church that reported a suspicious suitcase to the authorities, the ending was not only happy, it was the cat’s meow.

The church called the local bomb squad because of a random duffel bag that appeared on its doorstep. But when officers arrived on the scene and opened up the bag, they got quite the surprise. Instead of explosives, they found a female cat and her six newborn kittens! Talk about letting the cat out of the bag!

The fur babies came with a note: “Mom’s name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2 p.m., Wed. Feb. 17th,” it read.

Sprinkles and her one-day-old kitties were taken to a nearby animal shelter. After getting cleaned up and fed, they were placed with a foster family. They’re so adorable, it’ll take no time at all for them to find a forever home.

As for law enforcement officers, they said they were simply relieved that instead of a ticking time bomb, they heard purring coming from inside the luggage. ‘Cat’astrophe averted!

Cover Photo: Butler County Sheriff’s Office

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