Meanwhile in Florida: Dumbass Calls in Bomb Threat to Leave Work Early, Probably Lost Job Anyway

We’ve all had bad days. Sometimes, as The Joker says, the difference between sanity and insanity is just one really bad day. That must have been what this man from Wellington, Florida, was experiencing, because the way he decided to call in sick to work was either genius or insanity.

According to police reports, Richard Hamilton called in a bomb threat to his own work because he was “having a bad day.” Unlike the rest of us, who would simply fake an illness or the death of a close-but-not-too-close family member (sorry, Grandma Lucille), Hamilton opted to call in a bomb threat. The threat itself was later traced back to Hamilton, who explained to police that he “called in the fake bomb threat because I was having a bad day at work and wanted to go home early.”

We don’t blame him for wanting to leave work early. We feel that every single day of our lives. We do blame him, however, for the way in which he went about doing it. It isn’t hard to fake a headache (just ask our girlfriends), and it takes a lot less effort and composure than making terrorist threats. But, in his defense, maybe this guy was like Milton from Office Space. Perhaps he had been planning to burn the office to the ground for quite some time, and this instance was just his breaking point. Regardless, he was arrested and charged. He later bailed himself out and there’s no word on whether he went back to work or not. Boy, would that be an awkward conversation in the break room.

Cover Photo: Moussa81 (Getty Images)

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