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Manhattan Man Finds Dead Body in Deceased Mother’s Freezer, Not the Level of Spring Cleaning He Was Prepared For

A dead body is nothing to laugh at, but this is like something out of a Stephen King novel. A Manhattan man was recently cleaning out his deceased mother’s apartment when he discovered something that, well, would certainly raise some questions.

Death is never a fun thing, especially when it involves a loved one. The death itself sucks, of course. But having to take care of all the details afterward sucks as well. Cleaning out homes, figuring out wills, deleting browser history…it all starts to become very overwhelming after a while. But take solace in the fact that it could always be a lot worse, such as in this story.

Allegedly, this man was cleaning out his mother’s Manhattan apartment when he came to his mom’s chest freezer, which had been duct-taped shut. When he got the freezer opened, he was shocked to discover a decomposed body. Like, of another human being. To say this man had some questions would be the understatement of a lifetime. The body was so decomposed that investigators couldn’t at first determine its sex. They are launching a full-scale investigation, as well as an autopsy, to figure out what exactly had happened. Unfortunately, their key witness, the dude’s mom, is also deceased.

This is bound to be a Lifetime movie at some point and we are absolutely fascinated by how this story will turn out. One thing’s for sure: if you’re ever going through your parents’ things after they have passed, if something is locked or sealed or hidden, just let it be. It’ll save you thousands of dollars in therapy.

Cover Photo: Rebecca Handler (Getty Images)

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