Honest Opinion: Why ‘Joker’ Doesn’t Deserve an Oscar For Best Picture

Joker wowed movie fans when it recently raked in a whopping 11 Oscar nominations. The character study of a nihilistic clown for hire and aspiring stand-up comedian who turns into a serial killer was director Todd Phillips’ first foray into dramatic filmmaking, and by many accounts, it was successful. Still, the comic-book-inspired film has stirred controversy among pop culture critics and movie reviewers alike. While Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the troubled Arthur Fleck was undeniably impressive, some might say Joker is not only unworthy of an Academy Award but is also an example of socially irresponsible filmmaking. We’ve unpacked the movie’s many fatal flaws to show why Joker doesn’t deserve an Oscar for Best Picture.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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