Godfather Part 3, Worst Best Picture
HNJ3J6 le parrain III the godfather part III 1990 real Francis Ford Coppola Al Pacino. Collection Christophel © Paramount Pictures.

Ranked! The Worst ‘Best Picture’ Oscar Nominees of Movies Past (From Terrible to Atrocious)

This year’s Oscar nominations were recently revealed, which can only mean one thing — people are going to bitch when their favorite movies eventually aren’t nominated. Anyone who is into Hollywood awards season knows that there are always snubs and there are most certainly always surprises. While there are always usually more deserving movies than can be nominated for Best Picture in a given year, there are also rare occasions where the occasional bad movie manages to make it into contention.

Surprisingly enough, this has happened more than you can imagine, especially since the Best Picture field was expanded about a decade ago. From the terrible to the atrocious, here are the worst Best Picture Oscar nominees of years past.

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