The Mandatory List of Oscar Nominee Snubs: Pandemic Edition

In many ways, Hollywood has a short memory. But if it were to stretch its gorgeous brain way back in time, approximately 93 years into the past, there’d be a unanimous squelch that 2020 was the weirdest goddamn year on record. With movie theaters completely shut down for most of the slog (and popcorn sales hitting a dismal low) the pandemic brought Tinseltown down to earth. And while it did hamstring production, it didn’t stop movies from limping to the finish line (with some damn good limping at that).

Enter awards season 2021: Red carpets, movie stars, glitz, glam, and live-streaming acceptance speeches from your dungeonesque home office in a comfy sweater and/or completely stoned off your gourd. Okay, it’s been a touch bizarre thus far, we admit, which is why the Academy Awards moved their presentation to April 25 in the hopes that this year’s Oscar party hoopla will have the timing of movie magic.

But before we watch the curtains lift on that grand production, let’s discuss the 2021 Oscar nominations. They’re in and the reviews are mixed. While the Academy did make history for nominating the most female directors of any year, they (maybe) forgot about Regina King. But what’s awards season without a few snubs? After all, this is the Oscars we’re talking about.

From Best Picture to Best Actor we’ve got all the major snubs right here, with a few all-time burns thrown in at the end as a reminder that this isn’t the first time a great flick has gotten dissed by Hollywood. Hey, after 93 years, it’s basically tradition.

Cover Photo: Sundance Institute

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