Why ‘Parasite’ Should Win Best Picture (And 10 Fair Reasons Why It Probably Won’t)

At this point, Bong Joon-ho should be considered one of the world’s best living filmmakers. After pumping out great genre flick after great genre flick for the past two decades, the South Korean filmmaker has finally delivered his masterpiece: Parasite. Although Parasite is considered by many to be the best film of 2019, it’s also arguably the best film of the decade. There are numerous reasons for this, and yet the most pervasive one is a common thematic throughline of Joon-ho’s work – the dichotomy of class warfare.

From high-concept movies such as The Host or Snowpiercer to more accessible genre fare such as Mother or Okja, all of Joon-ho’s movies deal with class inequality and social unrest in one way or another. Parasite is no exception to this and, if anything, offers the perfect story to represent this thematic consistency throughout his career. It’s a film that perfectly captures the troubled and divisive time that we live in, which also means that it should easily be the frontrunner for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Not to mention that it’s an immaculately crafted film on both technical and storytelling levels.

Considering that Parasite is a master class in filmmaking and easily the best movie of 2019, it should be an easy lock to win Best Picture at this point. As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has proven in years past, the best film of the year and the eventual Best Picture winner are often not the same movies. In fact, the Academy often gets Best Picture wrong in retrospect, which makes the fact that Parasite probably won’t win the trophy all the more appalling. Despite being deserving of the year’s biggest movie award, here are 10 fair reasons why Parasite probably won’t win Best Picture at this year’s Oscars.

Cover Photo: CJ Entertainment

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In summation, it would be a welcome miracle if Parasite actually won Best Picture at the 2020 Academy Awards.

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