8 Simple Steps to Surviving the Avocado Apocalypse

Photo: Daniel Grizelj (Getty Images)

Baby boomers are always complaining that millennials are mortgaging our future on avocado toast. Lately, President Trump has been pushing toward a U.S.-Mexico border shutdown via Twitter if the Mexican government doesn’t stop the inflow of immigration. Considering that the request is both racist and absurd, it’s not likely that the Mexican government will be able to comply. Trump backpedaled on the threat for now, but if he changes his mind and gets his dirty mitts around the padlock of our southern border, America can say goodbye to avocados.

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With 90 percent of avocados consumed in the U.S. imported from Mexico and nearly half of all produce grown there as well, you’ve got to wonder: what the hell is wrong with Donald Trump? While we can’t answer that question, we can prepare you for the impending avocado apocalypse with these eight simple steps.

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