Moon Landing: Take a Guess Which Hole This Anti-Mask Air Traveler Refused to Cover Up (And Then Showed to Delta Flight Crew)

We’ve all heard of the Luck of the Irish. But only those truly lucky passengers aboard a recent flight from Dublin to JFK know about the Crack of the Irish thanks to an anti-mask traveler by the name of Shane McInerney.

It all began when the 29-year-old from Dublin refused to wear a mask during the flight despite being asked to several times by the flight crew. Of course, this was only the beginning of “numerous disturbances” that ensued during the eight-hour flight.

With every traveler onboard soon hating him, the Irishman lept from his seat to chase down an attendant and complain about his mid-flight meal. Upon returning to the rear of the plane, he unsealed his trouser pants and let shine his blindingly pale rump to make known he was a man who believed no germ-laden hole should go covered. (As if airplane food wasn’t bad enough.)

Before landing in JFK, the captain made one last attempt to reason with McInerney, only to have his pilot’s cap stolen. (Boy, do we miss the days when you could just duct tape an a-hole to his seat and watch the entire Batman cinematic clusterfuck in peace.)

Eventually, the plane touched down and McInerney was swallowed by the warm embrace of the New York police department and swiftly spirited to a Long Island jail where his Irish crack could be fully admired. Surprisingly, his lawyer had no comment.

This brings us to the tail-end of our story, the moral of which is that unruly air travel continues unbridled. Our guess is, 2022 will top last year’s record of 5,000 inflight disturbances in more creative ways than we care to imagine, no ifs, and, or butts.

Cover Photo: group (Getty Images)