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Woman Caught Breastfeeding Hairless Cat on a Delta Flight, Really Milking the On-Board Pet Policy

Some people are way too attached to their four-legged friends. We call them “furbabies” but we don’t mean it literally, you know? Apparently, not everyone delineates between an emotional support animal and…well, we don’t even know what goes on in the mind of someone like the woman we’re about to introduce you to. In short, she breastfed her cat.

But wait! It gets worse! Said breastfeeding happened on a Delta flight from Syracuse, New York, to Atlanta, Georgia. And the cat was (pause for full-body shiver of disgust) hairless.

We know about all this thanks to something known as the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS). It’s used for crews to communicate, and one message sent from a flight attendant mid-air to colleagues on the ground in Atlanta kind of says it all: “PAX [passenger] in 13A is breastfeeding a cat and will not put cat back in its carrier when FA [flight attendant] requested.”

A flight attendant named Ainsley Elizabeth who witnessed the incident posted about it on TikTok – though good luck finding the video now.

“This woman had one of those, like, hairless cats swaddled up in a blanket so it looked like a baby,” she said. “Her shirt was up and she was trying to get the cat to latch and she wouldn’t put the cat back in the carrier. And the cat was screaming for its life.”

We don’t know what happened when the plane landed, but the flight attendant who sent the ACARS message called for the “Red Coats,” a terrifying name for what Delta describes as “elite airport customer service experts” who handle “customer issues.”

In our opinion, if you’re breastfeeding a cat in public, you need more than the Red Coats; you need a straightjacket.

Cover Photo: Holly Koffler / EyeEm (Getty Images)



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