Booger Sugar: Police Tell Disgruntled Cocaine Customer, ‘If It’s Brown, Set It Down’

Photo: Laura Lezza / Contributor (Getty Images)

Don’t you hate it when you pull up to the drive-thru and order your food, only to receive the wrong order? It ruins your night on a first-world-problems-type level. It appears the same can be said about a woman who was scammed into thinking she bought cocaine. It was so traumatic that she even called the cops about it.

A woman in the United Kingdom was duped into thinking she bought coke when in reality all she got was some brown sugar.

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She was so torn up about being dumb enough to mistake drugs for sugar, she thought it might be a good idea to the police to complain about it. Turns out that’s a bad idea.

The Facebook post by the Police Service of Northern Ireland in Craigavon at first looks like they were hacked, but they clear that up real quick:

Caller: I’ve been scammed.

Me: Ok, are you out any money?

Caller: Yeah I paid over £200 and got brown sugar instead.

Me: Instead of what?

Caller: Cocaine.

Me: Um…

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