Weed Breathalyzer

There’s Weed Breathalyzer Now So Don’t Toke and Drive

Photo: kali9 (Getty Images)

For years we’ve known that a breathalyzer will measure the approximate blood alcohol content (BAC) when you blow into it. So if you have a few too many, these devices will call you out and give law enforcement the evidence they need to lock you up if you’re drinking and driving. While many have tried to make one of these for detecting cannabis, few have made an accurate reading…until now.

A company from Oakland, California claims it developed a breathalyzer that fairly tests a driver’s impairment from marijuana use. Hound Labs alleges their device detects THC in the window of high (LOL) impairment, which they say is two to three hours after consumption.

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The company’s founder, Mike Lynn, sounds like he is super busy because not only is he a doctor, he’s also a volunteer deputy sheriff. This guy told VICE Canada today’s testing does not differentiate recent use from weed that’s been in a person’s system for a while. So you could have not smoked for a long time and yet still pull a positive test.

Hound Lab’s device works just like any other breathalyzer. You put your mouth on it and blow. Ten minutes later, the device reads your saliva and determines how quickly you get thrown in the back of a squad car for driving while high.

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Lynn said these things are going to be available commercially soon. This means you’ll probably be able to pick one up at the local Walmart while you’re stocking up on eyedrops. Here’s hoping they also develop an app for this because isn’t there an app for everything nowadays?