Hawaii Legalizes Weed, Surprises Everyone It Wasn’t Already

Paradise just got a little sweeter last month as Hawaii became the 26th state in the union to decriminalize weed. But the news came as a shock to stoners who’ve been getting high there since 1959. Who knew the most beautiful and remote place on Earth has been killing buzzes and harshing mellows since Richard Nixon was vice president? Thankfully, all that’s changing now that America is embracing cannabis.

Hawaii’s new law doesn’t totally legalize weed, however, it merely removes the heavy fines and jail time for those caught with 3 grams or less. Which means toking up in paradise can still land you in hot water (not the soothing kind). With biologist’s discovery of cannabinoid receptors in the human brain, and the World Health Organization recently calling for international cannabis reform, we’re hoping it’s only a matter of time before Hawaii catches the wave of legalization like these six awesome states. Surf’s up, Hawaii; the tide is high.

Photo: golddiamondphotography (Getty Images)

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