Man Smokes Weed While in Court For Marijuana Charge, Should End Well After Learning From This Experience

Once or twice in a generation, a hero comes along to challenge the status quo in ways they never expected. Like Rosa Parks or Moses, that singular person overthrows the shackles of tyranny, paving a road toward greater freedom. Today that person is Spencer Allen Boston, the Tennessee weed activist who stared down the barrel of a marijuana possession charge and never batted an eyelash.

Last week, when the 20-year-old was dragged into court to face the legal consequences of his weed-infused lifestyle, Boston took his face time with the judge as an opportunity to stand up for his belief that smoking weed is nobody’s business but his own. Rather than give a speech defending his actions, he sent his message the best way he knew how. By lighting up a joint and sucking it down with an air of composed satisfaction. The move was so brazen, the bailiff didn’t even realize what was going on until Boston was good and stoned. Then, as authorities led him away in anger, Boston was heard to remark, “The people deserve better!” No truer words have ever been spoken, by any poet or politician in any state of the Union for the last 100 years.

But rather than being celebrated as an American hero, Boston is being charged with contempt of court and is currently serving 10 days in jail. Next week, he’ll be eligible to post bail (at a draconian $3,000). Only time will tell if Boston is on the right side of history, as too often the villains in today’s headlines become the heroes of tomorrow’s. But one thing is for certain: there goes all Boston’s weed money. Hopefully, the court learned its lesson.

Photo: RealPeopleGroup (Getty Images)

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