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MacGyver of Marijuana: 8 Ways to Smoke Weed When You Think You’ve Got Nothing to Smoke From

Everything in life is about perspective. It’s quite simple to see the silver lining of a “bad” situation, much like it’s easy to make your own smoking device out of just about anything with the right attitude. When you’re left dry but not high, it’s time to turn to the unlicensed MacGyver of marijuana (that’s us). As weed continues to become more widely accepted than ever, it makes sense we’d be able to whip up some homemade paraphernalia out of ordinary household items. Just be careful that what you’re using is safe for your lungs and other working organs (ahem, vapers). There’s nothing wrong with rolling up a good old-fashioned doobie, but if you’re without papers, roll up your sleeves and learn eight exciting ways to invent your own weed pipe, or our name isn’t Mandatory (or MacGyver).

Photo: AleksandarGeorgiev (Getty Images)

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever used to get stoned? Enlighten us with your stoner ingenuity in the comments!

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