8 Cannabis Products That Won’t Mess Up Your Lungs (But Will Still Get You Plenty High)

When vapes first hit the market, they were the godsend of grownup stoners. Being high without smelling like weed was a brilliant alternative to smelling like Jeff Spicoli. However, the recent hysteria associated with them has made skeptics of even the biggest cannabis vaping fans. After combing through countless data, we can say that almost all the cases of death-related vaping are associated with black market vapes. If you’re still skeptical, good for you because there are tons of other ways to get high that won’t mess up your lungs. These are our favorites.

Photo: smartboy10 (Getty Images)

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Are you still spooked about vaping? If so, what’s your plan for getting high without smelling like a human bong? Let us know in the comments!

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