Pax Ushers in New ‘Era,’ Affordable Vape With Precision App (For People Who Want Into Cannabis)

The future is pretty legit, at least if you’re up on the latest Pax products. Gone are the days when getting stoned consisted of sticks and stems in a poorly-rolled joint. Now, when it comes to getting high, artistry is applied to good old-fashioned science so we can control exactly how we want to get high. The apex of this technology is the Pax Era concentrate vaporizer, a state-of-the-art pen and pod system for oil. With it, you can control the temperature, flavor, and potency of each hit, to achieve new high-ts. Experience an elevated existence of next-level bliss (where paranoiac whig-outs and burn-outs are a thing of the past) with the Pax Era by learning more about it below, lest you become like these classic stoner movie duos.

Photo: @Paxvapor

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