How To Be A Weed MacGyver: 11 Pipes You Can Forge From Seemingly Random Objects

Photo: Deux (Getty Images)

We’ve all been there: A pocketful of bud stinking up your trousers and nothing to smoke it with. No pipe. No papers. Nothing. You had a long day, maybe a long drive up to the river and you really, really want to smoke some weed. What can you do? Pop a gram in your mouth and stick it under your tongue for an hour? Sniff the canister so deeply that you get a buzz? Skip these paltry options by tapping into your inner MacGuyver and crafting a workable smoking device that will get you through this nightmare.

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Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or it’s the middle of the night (and you don’t feel like driving to the 7-Eleven two blocks away), we’ve got enough tips to get you stoned when the going gets tough. (Because when the going gets tough, the tough get stoned.) Next time you’re stranded with a pocketful of weed and no way to smoke it, remember your training: the Mandatory field guide to DIY pipes. You’re welcome.

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