fresh weed container

This Weed Container Is the Dank Piggybank That Keeps Fresh Bud From Becoming Duds

Photo: Canlock

On a scale from one to dank, how fresh is your weed if you leave it in the container you purchased it in? Typically pretty brittle and dry after a few days, which is really just a waste of good bud. So unless you make a trip to the dispensary every other day, you’re toking up day-old bud at best. But that chapter of your life is over thanks to Canlock Quarter+.

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Canlock Quarter+ is an airtight container made with a built-in airlock pump that creates an odor controlled ecosystem by preventing air from entering or leaving the jar. This reusable vacuum pump is also what keeps your product as moist and sticky as the day you purchased it. It holds up to 11 grams of unground flower or up to 15 raw king-sized cones, making it small enough to shove in your pocket and perfect for on-the-go use.

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If you’re not using something like the Canlock Quarter+, what do you do to ensure oxygen isn’t killing your flower? Let us know in the comments!

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