32 Bags of Marijuana Delivered to the Wrong House, Talk About a Happy Accident

If you’re like many of us, while you’re stuck at home, you’ve been ordering a lot of things from Amazon and other websites. On an average day, you might get a package of toilet paper, hand soap, or even a giant box of coffee pods. But, when these boxes arrive on your doorstep, you’re expecting them. That wasn’t the case for one Texas family when a random package arrived at their house. And it wasn’t Tide pods inside, it was 32 bags of marijuana. Yes, 32 bags of weed.

What would you do if 32 bags of pot were magically left on your doorstep? Would you look around, nervously waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell you that you’ve been “punk’d?” Would you snatch it up before anyone saw it and have the best party of the new millennium? Well, the Houston family that definitely wasn’t expecting a ridiculous amount of marijuana called the fuzz.

Unlike many states, marijuana (besides some types of cannabis such as hemp) is illegal in Texas. That’s why deputies from District 5 came to the home on Clover Gardens Drive in the Houston area and confiscated the bags of weed. Since we live in the age of social media, the sheriff took to social media to announce that the bags had been found.

“If it is yours please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to claim it,” wrote the sheriff on a post on Instagram. He added, “A house in our District 5 Patrol area got a package they hadn’t ordered. It contained 32 bags of Marijuana. They gave it to the Sheriff’s office to hold until we locate the owner.”

For the people who dropped off the marijuana and the people who were expecting to get it, this is all likely a total bummer. The people tasked with delivering the weed must be really embarrassed to realize they got the address wrong. They probably should have taken a picture of the drop-off site, like the Amazon delivery drivers do.

Photo: Bloomberg Creative (Getty Images)

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