420’s Most Valuable Pothead Seth Rogen Reportedly Smoking ‘Ungodly’ Amount of Weed in Quarantine, So Less Than Usual?

In a shocking turn of events, Seth Rogen is reportedly smoking “ungodly” amounts of weed during his self-isolation quarantine. So what is that, like a little less than usual? The Pineapple Express star who didn’t have to research the role has found himself floating from gravity bong hit to gravity bong hit amid the coronavirus crisis. But on days like April 20, 420’s golden birthday, this should come as no surprise, given that Rogen is arguably the biggest weed advocate on the planet.

So where exactly is “ungodly” on the scale of a superstar stoner? Somewhere between Cheech and Chong, we’re guessing, but Rogen continues to be the poster-boy for cannabis as we continue to find paranoia naturally in our homes while we await the reopening of the economy. Followed swiftly by a likely return to quarantine until Christmas. Because let’s face it: It’s always 420 in Seth Rogen’s world.

And now to Brad Pitt for the weather

Cover: Kevin Winter (Getty)

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