Family Gets Ready For Summer Trip to Disneyland, Dad Packs Boxing Gloves

It’s the dead of summer, and the humidity has our shorts soaked and up our butts, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to pack the family up for a road trip to Disneyland! This year, one lucky dad gets to take his kids for the first time to see Mickey, Minnie and the gang after riding too many rides, eating like an asshole and throwing up his onion rings in an overflowing trash can that has been steaming in the July heat all day. But first, he thought it’d be fun to run over to Toon Town and witness a disturbing family brawl with his son, whom he hopes to get into taekwondo in the fall. The trunk to their Wagoneer was packed to the brim, but there was just enough room to squeeze in his old pair of boxing gloves, you know, in case recent history decides to repeat itself.

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