Instagram’s Nudity Policy Inspires Creative And Weird Nudes

Photo: 1001nights (Getty Images)

Despite building its legacy on the silicone asses of girls who would be selling jewelry on Facebook with them, Instagram has a weird stance on nudity. Bent-over gigantic asses in thongs are allowed, but female nipples are not, nor is genitalia. So photographers, models, and other Instagram personalities craving attention have to get creative for their Instagram nudes.

But because the market is saturated with sexual photos, different takes, angles, or cover-up jobs will increase the chance of a particular nude Instagram photo getting likes. So hats off to the people finding new ways to present something everyone has: a human body.

Creative Instagram Nudes

Објава коју дели The Palm Network (@thepalm00) дана

Impressive. We couldn’t hold a dry steak with chopsticks, let alone sushi. And the photo isn’t bad, either.

Објава коју дели Free The Nipple (@freethenipple) дана

The Free the Nipple campaign is clearly concerned about online censorship of female nipples. We just think they’re setting unrealistic expectations for women. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play with checkered nips? For the millionth time in our lives, MS Paint saves the day.

Објава коју дели Yuka Tanaka (@tnkmax) дана

There are a lot of gray zones when it comes to posting Instagram nudes. If you asked anyone’s grandma if this is nudity she would say yes…and likely also, “You’re an odd, odd boy.”

Објава коју дели Lukáš Rumpík Fotograf ( дана

This is probably our favorite Instagram nude just because we love meta jokes. In case you can’t see properly, the “naughty” bits are covered with Instagram logos.

Even Celebs Can’t Post Explicit Instagram Nudes: Remember Kim K’s Censored Nipple?

Објава коју дели VOLO Magazine (@volomag) дана

VOLO magazine is testing the Instagram nudes policy to the limit. This really illustrates the aforementioned inconsistency of Instagram’s stance on nudity regarding what is appropriate and what is not.

Објава коју дели Free The Nipple (@freethenipple) дана

Instagram’s censorship really brings out the creativity of Free the Nipple people. So it’s not all bad.

Hotter Than Nudes: Kourtney Kardashian Is Sizzling Even With (Some) Clothes On

Објава коју дели Charles (@charlesnevols) дана

This looks like a scene from Ridley Scott’s prequel of a prequel on how Alien came to be…but with boob(s?).

Објава коју дели Éternel Éphémère (@eternel_ephemere_underwear) дана

Tasteful. This is the type of Instagram nudes we can all get behind.