Meanwhile in British Royalty: Princess Eugenie’s Husband Caught With Topless Model on Yacht, Effectively Remixing ‘The Crown’ With Smutty American Reality TV

For most guys who’ve just become new dads, life is all about sleepless nights and dirty diapers. And while that sounds hard, nothing compares to the grueling task of getting drunk on expensive Rosé whilst cruising around the island of Capri on your speedboat with a bunch of topless models.

Sure, it looks bad.

But maybe Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank’s sun-dappled romp in the Mediterannean was nothing more than an innocent day at the office. After all, as European Manager of Casamigos Tequila, sometimes his daily grind involves a drunken drag around the Tyrrhenian Sea with models in tow.

At least that’s the official story after a roll of pictures leaked showing exactly that: A pasty Brooksbank holding an empty wine bottle with one hand while he clutched a bronzed model in the other as yet more models shed their tops to towel themselves aboard the classic yacht, including Erica Pelosini picture below:

While rumor has it that the British royals were non-plussed about the leaked photos, Pelosini assures them that everything was above board. She even issued a direct apology to Princess Eugenie, letting her know that the reason she went topless was that her bikini got wet. (Gee, we hate when that happens.)

And upon further inspection, it turns out the woman who Brooksbank had his arm around is actually a brand ambassador for Casamigos, (and everyone knows nothing ever happens in the workplace.)

Looks like just a simple misunderstanding of a manager doing his job in the face of bare buns. We have to hand it to him. In spite of the intoxicating wine and gorgeous Italian coastline, Brooksbank did a bang-up job.

Cover Photo: Chris Ricco / Stringer (Getty Images)

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