Sexy Nurse Role Players Donate Their Kink to Real Doctors in Fight Against Coronavirus, Forced to Have Normal Boring Sex For Greater Good

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in high demand right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s so tough to procure, governments across the globe have been begging citizens to donate their secret stashes of face masks, gloves, and scrubs. When we think of who might have such things, construction workers, cleaners, and veterinarians come to mind. One group we never thought would come to the rescue of healthcare workers and help protect them from COVID-19, however, are fetishists.

Yes, medical fetishists around the world have been stocking up on everything from sterile needles to catheters to speculums (ouch). And they happen to have the PPE that those on the frontlines of treating people with coronavirus need. Luckily, the kink community not only has a naughty side, it has a nice one as well. As Mel magazine reported, Justin Hyde of MedFetUK, a British fetish supply store, donated his company’s supply to a local hospital. (Although he ranted on Twitter about it afterward, which ironically resulted in more medical role-play enthusiasts donating their stockpiles.) He’s just one of many who sacrificed their pleasure for the peace of mind of healthcare workers who have resorted to desperate and dangerous methods – like using garbage bags or ponchos as makeshift gowns – in an effort to stay safe from COVID-19 infection.

While it sucks for medical fetishists to be stuck having normal, boring sex like the average Joe until the pandemic dies down, anyone who’s getting laid, in no matter how mundane a manner, is doing better than most of us, who only have our (bare) hands to keep us, um, stimulated.

Cover Photo: Voyagerix (Getty Images)

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