Meanwhile on OnlyFans: Boston Nurse Abandons Healthcare Career to Sell X-Rated Photos to Horndogs (If Only She Made House Calls)

You might want to sit down for this story, because the pics we’re about to show you will leave you breathless and weak in the knees. Meet Allie Rae, a Boston neonatal ICU nurse with a bangin’ bod and curves that could knock the wind right out of you. Once upon a time, she was working 14-hour shifts on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic. To destress, she started posting bikini pics on Instagram.

One thing led to another, and soon she started an OnlyFans account. It wasn’t long until she was making bank – to the tune of thousands of more per month than she did in healthcare. Somehow, her coworkers got wind of her side hustle, and conspired to take her down. They subscribed to her OnlyFans and took screenshots of her account, then shared them with a manager. She was then given an ultimatum: take down the account or quit her healthcare job. She chose the latter.

The professional pivot has paid off. Rae now makes upwards of $200K a month, though she insists she’s working harder now than she ever did as a nurse. “It is a full-time job … we work very hard, girls that are successful like this on OnlyFans, they are not just posting and then just going to dinner and party,” she told the New York Post. “It has been a really crazy ride.”

Rae has used the financial windfall to pay off student loans and buy property in Florida…for her family. (Sorry, guys, this hottie has been with her husband since age 18 and the couple’s bond is stronger than ever.)

We’re happy to just fanboy over her, but damn, do we wish this nurse made house calls.

Cover Photos: @allierae (Instagram)