Pizza with marijuana leaves and organic ingredients top view

Mandatory Food Trends: Thailand’s ‘Crazy Happy Pizza’ Counts Cannabis as Secret Ingredient (But Will It Get You High?)

Cannabis is being incorporated into everything these days, from personal lube to dog treats. One place we didn’t expect to see marijuana pop up, however, is on our pizza. But a pizza company (aptly named The Pizza Company) in Bangkok, Thailand has made Crazy Happy Pizza part of its secret menu, and the under-the-radar pie is topped with a deep-fried cannabis leaf.

But that’s not the only way the fast-food chain is incorporating pot into its increasingly popular menu item. The cheese crust is also infused with cannabis and the dipping sauce contains chopped cannabis, too.

A 9-inch Crazy Happy Pizza will set you back about $15, but you can also craft a custom pie with two or three cannabis leaves for a $3 surcharge.

But let’s address what you really want to know: in addition to the carb coma, can you get high off the pie?

“Of course, they cannot get high,” said Panusak Suensatboon, The Pizza Company’s general manager (and buzzkill master), in an interview with NPR. “It’s just a marketing campaign and you can taste the cannabis and then if you have enough, you maybe get a bit sleepy.”

We don’t really understand what the point of a cannabis pizza is if it doesn’t get you high; then again, pizza is its own kind of drug. The cannabis is just the, um, icing on the pie?

Cover Photo: Creative-Family (Getty Images)