Meanwhile in Texas: The Biggest Pizza in America ‘The Bus’ Will Run You Over With Carbs and Cheese

It’s said that, like sex, there’s no such thing as bad pizza. Also like sex, when it comes to pizza, size matters. The latest pizza creation making headlines is a Texan pie called The Bus, and it’s the fastest way to edible ecstasy – if you can stomach it.

Family-owned Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson, Texas, is home to the largest pizza you can buy in the United States. In 2018, it broke the Guinness World Record for the largest commercially available pizza. The hearty plank of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings measures a massive 8 feet long by 32 inches wide and weighs a whopping 37.5 pounds (22.5 pounds for the secret-recipe dough, 5 pounds of homemade marinara sauce, and 10 pounds of cheese).

The price tag is just as hefty. A one-topping pie will set you back $299.95. Additional toppings clock in at $25 each. The good news is that it can feed up to 75 people, so if everyone chips in, it’s quite economical. You can even get it delivered if you live in the area; The Bus will come to you hot via a special trailer.

The Bus was born after the pizzeria’s owners noticed how popular their 30-inch pizzas were. “Why not go bigger?” they figured. They spent six months designing a pan to make The Bus. We know everything’s bigger in Texas, but this is ridiculous!

If you don’t dare attempt to eat one of these monster pizzas, that’s OK. Moontower has plenty of other enticing menu items, like the Rattler Pizza (chili sauce, cheddar, and rabbit/rattlesnake sausage) or the Carbs on Carb Pizza (a pie topped with macaroni and cheese).

Pizza-eating road trip, anyone? The Bus awaits!

Cover Photo: David Crunelle / EyeEm Getty Images



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