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Impotent man worrying about his penis and erection failure , Surprised young man havingtrouble with potency and prostate

8 Strange Sexual Disorders You Could Convince Yourself You Have

Like any other aspect of your health, your sex life can hit a snag here and there. Hopefully, when you aren’t operating at full power, it’s just a temporary, minor affliction and not something serious or chronic. But do a little digging and you’ll find that there are a plethora of ways things can go wrong in the bedroom. Do too much digging and you’ll surely start diagnosing yourself with any number of issues.

For all you horny hypochondriacs out there, we’ve done the research on your behalf and found eight strange sexual disorders you could convince yourself you have. Fingers crossed you just have run-of-the-mill whiskey dick and not one of these other maladies that could require anything from medication to surgery to resolve. (Ouch!)

Cover Photo: feelphotoart (Getty Images)

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